presenting the world’s first coloring machine for laser sintered plastics

With 51 liters of usable coloring volume and a processing time of just under 3 hours, the machine can be run several times daily. For example, up to 300 eyeglass frames including the temples can be colored in a single run. With a diameter of 400mm and a height of 450mm even large geometries can be colored.

Reproducible results demand a high level of process dependability. In order to guarantee that level, we have chosen color capsules that are individually adapted to your process: This reduces hands-on labor and keeps error margins to a minimum. Insert capsule; push start; remove colored parts.

A powerful stirring unit ensures a constant circulation of the dyeing liquid and the parts. The whole process is constantly monitored by sensors and adapted to guarantee reproducible results. In addition to that all the components are electropolished and high performance cleaning nozzles are used for a fully automatic cleaning of the machine. It only needs electricity, water and compressed air.

Despite the high production capacity and the full automation, the machine offers a great deal of flexibility. Every process is regulated by parameters that are specified to your needs and your materials. This makes many options possible, such as coloring lower volumes of product.


Infos Facts
Volume: 60 liters
Productivity: under 3 h per run; 24/7
Flexibility: useable coloring volume: 10 liters, 20 liters, 35 liters, 51 liters
Color spectrum: all colors possible (RAL&Pantone)
Dimensions in cm: 100X60X90
Heating power: 6KW
Cleaning: fully automatic
Requirements: electricity, water and compressed air
Weight: 250kg
Materials: PA12, PA11, PA2200, PA2201, PA2210 FR, PA3200GF, PA1101, Alumide,TPU, PrimePart ST, PrimePart FR, DuraForm
Optional: coating system, second tank for reusable colors, special blasting system
Delivery second half 2016

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