DyeMansion was founded in 2013 under the name Trindo and offers automated manufacturing solutions for the production facilities of the future. The in-house developed post-processing solutions cover every step after the production of an additive manufactured part and are specifically optimized for powder-based plastics. Starting as a service provider for additive manufactured mobile phone accessories, the two founders Felix Ewald and Philipp Kramer initially sold mobile phone covers that reflected companies’ corporate designs. After they began to become aware that the color was coming off the covers in the pockets of their customers, they began to develop their own dyeing solution. Trindo became DyeMansion. Since then, the Munich-based company has been successfully engaged in dealing with system solutions for the manufacturing of laser sintered plastic parts.

In the same year, EOS-founder Dr. Hans Langer invested in the company, which was a great honor for the young team and confirmed the soundness of their idea even further. It quickly became clear that there is a great need in the area of post-processing, and DyeMansion began developing an automated and scalable dyeing solution. This solution was optimized during the pilot phase in cooperation with some major service providers in the industry, and the hard- and software has also been customized accordingly. The DyeMansion team continued to grow and the digital agency Trindo was transferred internally to Bennet Klein and Simon Salowsky.

With the DM60, a fully automated dyeing system for powder-based AM plastics, the first DyeMansion system has gone into serial production in September 2016. Besides the distribution of the DM60 dyeing system, DyeMansion’s coloring solutions are also being offered to their customers as a service. In November 2016, the young company expanded their product portfolio and launched two further systems. Powershot C, an automated blasting system for depowdering and Powershot S, a blasting system to achieve high quality surfaces. DyeMansion’s ultimate goal is to automate further steps in post-processing in order to optimize the entire process of the production of prototypes and serial production in the field of rapid manufacturing and industry 4.0.


In our new head office in Planegg near Munich, there is 1.000 square meters of space to realise new ideas and solutions.

Not only the office space has grown, but also the production for our SLS coloring service. With four DM60 coloring machines and two DyeMansion Powershot blasting systems in daily use, also larger numbers of parts are possible without problems.


  • Philipp Kramer
    Philipp Kramer Co-founder & CTO
  • Felix Ewald
    Felix Ewald Co-founder & CEO
  • Kai Witter
    Kai Witter Director Global Sales
  • Maximilian Kraus
    Maximilian Kraus Sales, Europe
  • Daniel Stroh
    Daniel Stroh Sales, North America
  • Pia Harlaß
    Pia Harlaß Marketing
  • Stefan Levko
    Stefan Levko Finance
  • Johannes Karl
    Johannes Karl Controlling
  • Rahel Damaschun
    Rahel Damaschun Accounting
  • Alexander Rossmann
    Alexander Rossmann Quality management
  • Giuseppe Saitta
    Giuseppe Saitta Color Development & Sales, Italy
  • Kathi Spes
    Kathi Spes Coloring Service
  • Chris Polito
    Chris Polito Coloring Service
  • Max Spes
    Max Spes Product development
  • Ilyas Tutal
    Ilyas Tutal Intern
  • Lennart Barth
    Lennart Barth Working student
  • Jakob von Weitershausen
    Jakob von Weitershausen Working student
  • Maria Salerno
    Maria Salerno Feel Good Manager
  • Espresso machine
    Espresso machine Workaholic



Fotos: Yago Servatius


  • Arno Held
    Arno Held Investor (AM Ventures)
  • Christian Kramer
    Christian Kramer Business Angel

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