Our coloring solutions for laser sintered parts


Over a period of 18 months DyeMansion has, in cooperation with specialists from a variety of industries, developed a revolutionary process for coloring laser sintered plastics.

Our unique process sets new standards in quality coloring. Together with our customers we have devised the best possible solutions in producing cost-effective AM end products.

This process has generated parts with substantially improved properties.

Our coloring process works with almost any laser sintered material. PA12 (PA2200), PA11, TPU, Prime Part, DuraForm, Nylon etc.


Our coating process was developed in-house.  It has been customized to meet the demands of our customers and permits cost-effective serial finishing. In sealing porous surfaces, this process is the ideal supplement to our in-house coloring process.

After treatment all parts are water and soil resistant, which ensures longevity. The parts retain their properties even under heavy strain.


Parts undergoing our polishing process obtain a smoother surface and an especially pleasant feel.  As untreated laser sinter products have a fragile surface, a great deal of time was invested in this particular process so as not to damage parts while achieving homogenous color distribution.

Whitening (BETA)

Unique worldwide!

A specialized process has enabled us to produce a degree of whiteness that is unmatched anywhere else in the laser sinter industry.

Although this process is still in development, initial results and tests are very promising.

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